Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Privacy vs. The Right to Know

If you are suspicious your child may be gay, do you, as a parent, have the right to ask? 
I believe your kid will tell you she is gay when she is ready. You shouldn’t “out” her to others until she wants you to; after all, it’s her story that she may want to hold close to her chest for a while.
You may be dying to have your suspicions confirmed, but it can backfire.  You can try to find out by “coming in the back door.” See below.
        Do’s and Don’t's:
·     Do elicit comments through discussions about celebrities, for example, like Lady GaGa and her “Born This Way” Foundation.
·     Don’t ask point blank “are you gay?”  Even though it’s your child, have boundaries of what’s acceptable to ask.  You don’t have to know everything.
·     Do talk about birth control, safe sex; it’s your parental duty.
·     Don’t ask if she last lost her virginity.
·     Do get her opinions about same-sex marriage, for example, and give her your positive ones that show you respect diversity. Then she will know that you are not criticizing a minority. If she feels secure, accepted in this environment, she will be more apt to “come out.”

Do you think a parent has the right to know?
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