Monday, March 28, 2016

It's #LGBT Health Week


How Does Your LGBT Child Measure Up To His Heterosexual Peers?

Did you know that?:

LGBT youth are more likely to smoke, drink, use drugs.
They are twice as likely to have attempted suicide.
Due to harassment and discrimination, LGBT youth are more anxious, prone to depression, and   substance abuse disorders.
They are less likely to engage in moderate or vigorous physical activity or team sports.
Lesbian and bisexual girls are twice as likely to be obese.
                                 Source: JAMA, January 6, 2015

LGBT Discrepancies Don’t End With Adolescence

LGBT persons are at higher risk for cancer, mental illness and other diseases.
                                 Source: American Progress, 2009/12/21

What You Can Do As A Parent

Make sure your child’s doctor is LGBT-friendly.  Don’t assume he was trained in LGBT health issues.
Your child has to be comfortable with his doctor so that he/she can express their LGBT concerns without feeling judged by a medical professional.  Only then, will your child get the care he deserves.
Be on the lookout for health disparities.  You know your child.  Trust your instincts about what’s ailing you child.