Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year's Resolution: Accept Your Child's Sexual Orientation

Don’t Assume You Know Best!

If your child comes out, believe his/her/they.  Who would know better?  Don’t try to second guess them or try to convert them to heterosexuality.  These efforts fail, according to research.

In order to love them unconditionally, support them and their attempts to be true-to-themselves.

Suggestions for Accepting

If you have trouble accepting in the new year, you need to figure out why you consider having an LGBT child as a loss or disappointment. To solve the riddle and give you peace in the new year and always, the following supports will give you answers:

·      A gay-friendly therapist
·      A trusted, positive friend
·      A support group for straight parents of LGBT children PFLAG, with nationwide chapters.
·      An LGBT worker or friend who are out.

For more suggestions for resolution of individual issues such as denial, guilt, fear, anger, shame, loss, see